I have spent the past 10 years working in direct services that have touched on supportive housing, domestic violence, incarceration, immigration, substance abuse, and public and mental health. I have dedicated the past years of my life to this because I have often questioned why these things predominantly only affect some in a world that is so rich in means for all.

I am a first generation Salvadoran American that grew up in a working class area with traditional immigrant parents. Within my community I have seen the plight that poverty can cause in a community and it has pushed me to question why and how we change this. On the flipside of this, it has also led me to burn out and depression. Regardless, through these ups and downs I always have ended up in a space that is pushing for change and surrounded by folks that are questioning the status quo alongside me. This brings me to where I’m at now–on the other side of this work, on the funders side. I joined the AMRF team at the tailend of 2022 with a heart full of despair but some glimmer of hope. Since joining AMRF however, I have gained a full heart being surrounded by people who are looking to redistribute wealth with trust amongst communities and organizations that are often overlooked. I have also realized the value of embedding rest, flexibility, and joy in our movements and work while being here. I feel especially privileged and fortunate to be in the AMRF team and I am looking to use my privilege and position towards mutuality.

Outside of AMRF, I am a curious traveler who is constantly looking to learn how to cook a new dish, read a new book, or find a new music artist or band. I also spend a lot of time with my giving sister, my loving mother, and my anxious rescue dog, Mello.