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GO Grants

Low barrier grants from AMRF.
San Diego, CA
Summer 2024
Mendocino, CA
Portland, OR
Launching June 5, 2024

San Diego County

We’re granting awards of $10,000 to 25 organizations. Sign up to receive email updates.

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Curtis Howard, 2024 AMRF grantee.

Launching June 5, 2024 at 10am

San Diego County

Applications open June 5th at 10am. Apply to receive funding and support from AMRF. Applications will be considered in the order that they are received.

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Curtis Howard, 2024 AMRF grantee.

How to Apply

Frequently Asked Questions
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What can funds be used for?

How you choose to spend the funds is up to you. We trust you know (better than we do) how to best help your community. Since we grant unrestricted funds, the award can be for anything from savings for operational reserves, capacity-building, to supporting programs, projects or teams. That said, in accordance with our bylaws and federal law, these funds are not earmarked for lobbying or capital campaigns.

What will I need to apply?

This grant is available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the first 25 organizations. This application is designed to be completed in one sitting. You will not be able to save your progress. If, for any reason, you cannot complete your application in one sitting, you will have to start at the beginning.

Make sure to review our EIN requirements to ensure that you have all of the necessary information according to the type of application you will be submitting:

If you are applying under the umbrella of a fiscal sponsor, or on behalf of a federally recognized Tribal Nation, you will need their prior approval and the contact information for the person authorized to sign the contract to receive and disburse the GO Grant funds.

How much time do I have to spend the funds?

You have within one year of the date the contract was signed. This gives everyone the same amount of time, regardless of when in the fiscal or calendar year they received their award.

We work in San Diego as well as nearby counties, are we still eligible?

Yes, however, funds must be earmarked for use in San Diego specifically.

What constitutes mental health services? What do you consider community engagement and wellness?

This fund is about building resilience in San Diego County by broadening the definition of mental health and substance use disorder treatment and housing services beyond the euro-centric “Western” interpretation. We believe a healthy community is one that supports, celebrates and resources a diverse bounty of traditions and culturally specific ways of healing.

  • Mental Health
    We are looking at a more holistic definition of mental health, one that acknowledges the impact of colonization, oppression, stigma, and the lack of structural support for healing as mental healthcare. Mental health includes efforts to address systemic racism, generational trauma, and centers cultural stewardship and restoration as healing modalities.
  • Community Engagement & Wellness
    Involvement of community members in initiatives and activities aimed at promoting the overall health & well being of the community. These activities can include a wide range of offerings such as restorative justice, artivism, civic participation, and somatic practices. Fosters inclusion, connection, collaboration, and power sharing.

Do I have to provide my banking information when I apply?

No, this step is optional. But we will need it so we can get you the funds. After you apply and receive your conditional approval online, you can provide this information through our secure online portal. Please do this promptly to avoid delays in disbursement.

How might organizations meet the leadership demographics requirement?

We are looking for organizations whose executive team, or at least 51% of the Board, include representation from one or more of the communities listed:

  • BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color)
  • Persons with experience with homelessness, incarceration, or living with mental health and/or substance use challenges either directly or through loved ones

We recognize the unique perspectives, expertise and insights that are possible when organizations are led by or include people who have “lived experience” navigating the issues they are working to address, such as personal or familial experience living unsheltered, with mental health and/or substance use challenges, or have been impacted by incarceration or the broader consequence of the carceral system.

To establish if your organization meets this requirement, look at the demographics of the people in your organization’s leadership, including: board members, program leadership, and executive team members.

Are there additional funds for my fiscal sponsor’s administrative work?

No, there are no additional administrative dollars set aside for GO Grant fiscal sponsors. That said, you can choose to share a portion of your award amount with your fiscal sponsor according to your organizational needs and agreements.

Will my fiscal sponsor’s leadership demographics or budget count against me?

No, in our Eligibility Checklist, we are asking about the budget and leadership of the specific organization which will use the funds.

What is an EIN?

An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a free, federal nine-digit tax identification number that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) assigns to nonprofits, charities, organizations, and businesses. In your case, it’s like a social security number for your nonprofit. Nonprofit organizations and charities are required to have their EIN prior to filing for tax exemption and securing their 501c3 nonprofit status.

Spring 2023

Building Community Resilience in Mendocino County.
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Amalia Abrojena, Youth Resource Center Program Supervisor, and her daughter, Tiana Oropeza.

Amalia Abrojena, Youth Resource Center Program Supervisor, and her daughter, Tiana Oropeza.


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Talilo Marfil, AMRF grantee and co-founder of Ascending Flow.

Our Promise

Philanthropy Reimagined.
Think of the GO Grant as a handshake, one that is backed up with our promise to be your trusted partner in whatever way that best supports you.
About GO Grants

Tobi Travis, Board President attends a community event held by AMRF Grantee, Ascending Flow.

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We believe in granting trust above all else. GO Grants offer unrestricted funds, so how you spend the money is up to you.

We're centering BIPOC and those with lived experience.

We support non-profits whose Board and staff reflects the diversity, demographics and lived experience of the community it serves.

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We are given the freedom to operate independently while feeling supported by AMRF staff in a very personalized way and we couldn't ask for better partners.”

Rosy Vasquez, Executive Director of Community Through Hope.

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