I’ve spent more than four decades working as a waitress, newspaper and radio reporter, community historian, news manager, food writer, political features writer, documentary journalist, performer, cannabis grower, travel guide, community development consultant (has a boring title, but it’s actually quite fun), grant writer, poll worker, social justice activist, campaign coordinator, photographer, Mom, gardener, podcast creator, publisher and now program officer.

Ever since I was a little kid growing up in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC in the late 60s, I’ve paid close attention to people’s stories. Now I am on the other side of the country, living in a century-old adobe clay house on a Northern California ranch. In between these two coasts, I’ve collected a lot of years, hundreds of record albums, way too many books, a great kid and an understanding of what I value most: curiosity (can it be my superpower?), connection and story. All three are my on-ramp for moving through the world and sorting through its various shades of beauty and tragedy. My background and passions are all variations on this same theme.

At AMRF, I am privileged to learn the stories of place, the stories of service and to partner in helping to shape, nurture and celebrate our collective story of community health and wellness.