The wealth used to create foundations like AMRF was generated in cultural and economic systems that are inherently racist and exploitative. Recognizing this fact compels us, as an organization, to mobilize all of our resources towards action that can to help remediate current and historical injustices. Accordingly, we apply a racial justice lens to each of our three strategies: grantmaking, advocacy, and convening. 

First, and most obviously, in grantmaking we are committed to funding BIPOC-led organizations that are serving local communities of colors. Our GO Grant programs explicitly seek out organizations that are founded and led by people with lived expertise. In addition, we prioritize agencies that tailor services to BIPOC folks.

Furthermore, in order to ensure that the work we do as part of our advocacy and convening strategies is always centered in principles of housing and racial justice, our team members are asked to join racial equity collaboratives or cohorts, to seek out individual coaching and learning opportunities, and to continually learn with humility from local and national social justice leaders.