1. Complete our checklist to confirm your eligibility
    Our Eligibility Checklist consists of just six criteria. All questions are closed-ended, there are no long-answer fields.
  2. Submit the online grant application
    Eligible organizations create an account to finalize the application.
  3. Get instant approval
    Upon approval you’ll receive a notice of “Conditional Acceptance,” which gives us the opportunity to confirm tax-exemption status and finalize eligibility before we proceed.
  4. Complete a simple partnership contract
    Within 2 weeks of applying, the contract will be sent via Docusign.
  5. Receive rapid payment electronically
    Transfers are initiated on a set schedule twice a month. A completed contract is required prior to distributing funds.
  6. Meetup with the grant Program Officer and other recipients.
    We’ll invite you to meet us for coffee to celebrate your successes and learn how the GO Grant is helping you do your work. We will also serve as a connector and introduce you to other community partners in your region. At the end of the GO Grant cycle, sometime next year, we’ll have a celebratory community gathering with all 25 GO Grant recipients.